Monday, March 31, 2014


Thanks to my client Manoj Narayanan of Seven Ocean Logistics, Dubai, I had the privilege of attending the Robin Sharma talk in Chennai on 2nd March 2014 on "Lead without a title".  It was a fantastic speech filled with lot of punch lines and useful tips.  It was a power packed and every effective speech.

I have listed below the 100 sentences that I picked up in the speech which I feel is useful for all:

  1.     Leadership is all about how superbly you perform when no one is watching
  2.     Only two things matter at the end – who you became and how many people you helped
  3.     The most important job of a leader is to grow more leaders
  4.     Leadership is all about growing more leaders
  5.     Your competitive advantage is growing leaders at all levels faster
  6.     Leadership is all about three things: Inspiration, Influence and Impact
  7.     True leadership begins with self leadership
  8.     Vague vision leads to vague behaviour
  9.      A job is only a job if you see it as a job.
  10.     You always rise or fall to the level of your conversation
  11.     To lead is to serve; to contribute; to add value and to make a difference
  12.     To lead you need to be MAD (Make A Difference)
  13.      No idea is going to work if you are not doing the work
  14.     Bring hope to the hopeless
  15.     Follow the 90:90: 1 principle to succeed.  90 minutes of focused attention for 90 days on a singular objective.
  16.      The essence of genius is simplicity
  17.      An addiction to distraction is the death of a creative mind
  18.     Brain’s focus should be on “Alpha State”
  19.      Dream Big, Start Small and Act Now.
  20.      Leadership is a mindset
  21.     Your mindset is decided by triggers and cues
  22.     Focus on opportunities rather than focus on problems
  23.      Daily small seemingly insignificant little contributions leads to stunning results
  24.     Every organisation needs a Leader who is the CIO of the Company – Chief Inspirational Officer
  25.     Steve Jobs asked his design team to sign the circuit board.  His father told him “Son paint the inside of the fence as we will see it”.
  26.      When you go to the edge of your limits, your limits expand.
  27.      Go to where your fear lives, that is where your power lies
  28.      When you lean into your fear, you commit to the mountain
  29.      Seduction of safety is more dangerous than the perception of uncertainty
  30.      Are you passionate about what you are doing or are you exhausted
  31.      Ideation without execution is no more than delusion
  32.     Are you part of the 95% of the society who lead a mechanical, repetitive life or the 5% who are always busy learning new skills
  33.     5 per centers do things so different to stay in the 5%
  34.     Ordinary people make excuses and extraordinary people make a difference
  35.      Get up at 5 a.m. every day if you want to be a leader
  36.      Genius is 10% talent and 90% discipline
  37.      Genius is earned and not gifted to us
  38.      Aim for Genius and exude passion in whatever you do
  39.     Grit is all about Practice, Persistence and Focus
  40.      Failure is the price genius pays for greatness
  41.      You need to follow the “10 year rule” to become an expert
  42.      A person who sweats more in practice will bleed less in a war.
  43.      Invest in coaching and training
  44.      Failure is greatness waiting to happen
  45.      Have one conversation at a time and focus on one thing at a time.
  46.      Business is a conversation.  If you lose a conversation you lose your business
  47.     Your job is your craft and your life is your art.  Be Yourself.
  48.      Less Ego will lead to more leadership and more mastery
  49.      Leave the club of mediocrity and join the cult of mastery
  50.     Do the best; none is perfect; be proud of your work; do not worry about title; do not retire; enjoy what you do
  51.       Avoid the arrogance of success.  Do not rest on your laurels
  52.      The humblest is the greatest
  53.      Customer has a choice but a fan doesn’t.  Build a fan and create a fan not a customer
  54.      Give ten times value to your customer so that they turn into your fan
  55.      At every touch point of user experience give ten times value
  56.      Better awareness leads to smarter choices and hence better results
  57.      There has to be a mighty “WHY” to guide your life
  58.      A potential that is unexpressed will turn into pain
  59.      Every visionary was first ridiculed
  60.     Clarity is Power
  61.     No one will ever forget how you made them feel
  62.      “Change” is hard at first; messy in the middle but beautiful at the end
  63.     You can develop your brain and increase brain power – proved by the London Taxi Drivers
  64.      Do different things – e.g. read a difficult book
  65.      After 90 minutes of intense work take a 10 minute rest
  66.      Every week for one day do not engage in any work
  67.      Get grateful, this day comes only once in your life
  68.      Don’t be successful but alone
  69.     To double your earning, triple your learning
  70.      Practice the art of “no excuses and no complaints”
  71.      Risk more than is required
  72.      Learn more than is normal
  73.      Speak your truth
  74.      Live your values
  75.      Constantly aim for genius but stay humble
  76.      Be kinder than expected
  77.      Deliver more than is needed
  78.      Shatter your limits
  79.      Transcend your fears
  80.      Inspire others by your bigness
  81.      Less ego more humility
  82.     Be on time
  83.      Keep your promises
  84.      Listen and be present
  85.      Look people in their eyes and use their name
  86.     The fastest way to change yourself is to hangout with people who are already the way you   want to be
  87.     The goal isn’t to live forever.  The goal is to create something that will
  88.      Transform your fitness to transform your career
  89.      Victims love entertainment, leaders love education
  90.      Real wealth is peak health
  91.      Life’s short.  Be of use
  92.      Adore mastery
  93.      Remember that words have power
  94.      Be strong
  95.      Build a beautiful lifestyle
  96.      Smile
  97.      Say “Please” and “Thank you”
  98.      Be likeable
  99.      Change the world around you
  100.      Lead without a title
     All the best.
     Dubai, U.A.E.
     31st March 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014


I saw Sholay in 3D and it was a mesmerizing 3 hours 25 minutes of non-stop entertainment.  The film is so fresh and the story line and the screenplay is so intriguing.  Though I have seen the film several times in the past it was still very entertaining and enjoyable.

The characterisation and the depiction of these characters by the legendary actors and actresses is so good. The line up of artistes in this film is very impressive:

  1. Sanjeev Kumar as the tough police officer - Thakur Saab
  2. Dharmendra as the enthusiastic Veeru
  3. Amitabh Bachan as the quiet and composed Jay
  4. Jaya Bachan as the quiet Bhahu Raani of Sanjeev Kumar
  5. Hemamalini as the talkative Basanthi
  6. Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh
  7. Satyan Kapoor as the loyal servant of Sanjiv Kumar
  8. A.K.Hangal as the Muslim Priest
  9. Jagdeep as the Timber Merchant - Soorma Bhopali
  10. Asrani as the Jailer Saab
  11. Kestoo Mukherjee as the informer
  12. Ifthikar as the father of Jaya Bhaduri

Each has a very clearly defined role and every single character stands out and stays in memory.  I would reckon this as one of the best made films in Indian Cinema and should get rated as one of the best films ever made.

In such a short role Asrani provides so much of laughter with his walk, dialogue and style.

How can we forget Soorma Bhopali character:

Sanjeev Kumar has done a fabulous job in the role of Thakur and he has always been a very good actor. Amjad Khan made a dream debut with his role as Ghabbar Singh:

While the actors like Sanjeev Kumar, Hemamalini, Amjad Khan and Asrani stood out as unforgettable performances, we also had a treat of so many good songs by legendary Music Director R.D.Burman.

Yeh Dosthi ham nahi chodenge - song on friendship which is so popular over the last four decades.

Mehbooba Mehbooba (helen's dance)
Koyi Hasina Jab (one of the best fast songs)
Aa Jab Thak he jaan (superb dance by Hemamalini)

The song sequences are captured very well and the music is so fresh even now.  Sholay will remain a hot favourite film for several years to come.  It is a perfectly blended masala film which will remain a hit for ever.

Chennai, India
3rd March 2014

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bharata Natyam

Bharata Natyam is a very famous form of dance which has been practiced in Tamil Nadu for several centuries.  Natya Shastra was written by Bharata Muni and hence the name Bharata Natyam.  The dance has three crucial elements to it, viz., Bhaavam, Raagam and Thaalam.  The short form of these three crucial elements is coined together to get the first part of the name Bharata Natyam.  Over the years this dance form has gained lot of fame and is now practiced all over the world.

Most of the ancient sculptures in the Hindu Temples are based on the dance postures of Bharata Natyam.  Bharata Natyam as a dance form combined with Carnatic Music are together deeply grounded in Bakthi.  Dance and Music are inseparable and the Bharata Natyam Dance performance is always blended with Carnatic Music.  Bharata Natyam is an embodiment of Music in visual form.

During the Bharata Natyam performance the dancer depicts split characters and the expressions shown by the dancer and variations that is brought out gives this dance form a special dimension.  The synchronization of the dance movements with the beat of the music and simultaneous depiction of the expressions on the face is precisely what you will see in a Bharata Natyam performance.  It takes several years of learning and consistent practice for a dancer to learn this form of dance and perform on stage.

As a small boy I first saw the song in Vanjikottai vaaliban and was stunned by the performance of two great Bharata Natyam exponents, viz., Smt.Padmini and Smt.Vyjayanthimala.  Watch this dramatic, scintillating performance:

There are a large number of people who have dedicated their entire life to uphold the values and preserve the tradition of Tamil Nadu.  I am happy that these good Samaritans have kept up the tradition and in this present world of technology there are still several thousand performers of Bharata Natyam.

I congratulate and salute all the artistes who are associated with this great form of dance.  Long Live Bharata Natyam.

Dubai, U.A.E.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


As per the Hindu Shastras there are seven mothers for all of us.  The first mother is the Cow because Cow gives the Milk to the pregnant woman and in turn the Mother gives milk to the Child.  Our real mother who gave birth to us is the second mother as the first mother is the Cow.

The Third Mother is the Guru-Patni who is the wife of our Guru.  The Fourth Mother is King's Wife - Raja-Patnika.  The wife of a Brahmana is also a mother - Brahmani.  The Nurse who has helped in our birth is also a mother - Dhatri.  Earth is also a mother as we derive all the food for our living from mother Earth - Prthvi.

  1. Kamadhenu - Cow
  2. Matha - the Real Mother
  3. Guru Patni - Guru's Wife
  4. Raja-Patnika - King's Wife or Queen
  5. Brahmani - Brahman's Wife
  6. Prthvi - Earth
  7. Dhatri - Nurse

I know Cow and I worship Cow for being the first mother.  I know my real mother and respect her a lot for whatever she has done to me, my father and my siblings.  She is the most intelligent woman I have ever met in my existence of the last 50 years.  My Guru lived 100 years as a Sanyasi and hence the Guru's Wife is not applicable in my case.  I was born in Independent India and hence there was no King and thus the Raja Patnika is not applicable in my case.  Having been born in a Brahmin Family I know a lot of Brahmani in my own family and amongst relatives.  Mother Earth is giving everything for us and I do respect her a lot.  I do not know my Dhatri who helped my mother during my delivery.  All I know is I was born in Gosha Hospital in Pycrofts Road, Triplicane, Chennai.

If you know the seven mothers then worship all of them.  This is a very nice song on Mother sung by Yesudos in a Tamil Film and I am sure you will enjoy this song:

Enjoy Life.  Respect your Mother.

Dubai, U.A.E.
6th November 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The advent of Internet in the 1980s was a great boon to the entire world.  The whole lifestyle across the entire world has changed substantially over the last three decades.

More than a third of the global population is connected into the Internet in some form or the other.  From the Internet we are now moving into the 4th Industrial Revolution which involves "Internet of Things".  Anyone can get connected Anytime and on Anything.

I attended a Networking Speech conducted by Etisalat Academy last week on the topic of "IT enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution".  The speaker for the day Mr.Nassir, General Manager of Intel for Gulf Countries made a wonderful speech.  He highlighted the five pillars of IT which will enable the 4th Industrial Revolution.  These are called the Tectonic Shifts which are:

  1. Big Data
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Client Continuum
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Security

Anyone, Anytime and Anything is the tag line most appropriate for "Internet of Things".  You are now connected to the Internet through a wide range of products including the PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Digital Devices, TV, e-Book Readers, etc.  You can also get connected to the Internet at any time as you wish and from Anywhere in the world including when you are flying from one city to the other.

Our life now revolves around the Technology as it is so pervasive and decides on how we live, work and relax.  Technology is involved in every single product or service and hence is involved in every bit of our life.  The convergence of technology and the speed at which we are witnessing the developments particularly in the last 10 years is really mind boggling and stunning.

The first PC that I purchased when I worked in Sterling Resorts in 1988 had a Hard Disk capacity of 20 MB.  You get pen drive with 64 GB capacity for USD 30 now a days.  The computing has moved a long long way and now we are approached the "AAA" status - Anything, Anywhere and Anytime.

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 30 billion devices wirelessly connected to the "Internet of Things".

We are approaching very exciting times and every one in this planet earth needs to adapt with the ever changing technology and get ready for different life style all together.

Mumbai, India
5th November 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013


Shakuntala Devi was born on 4th November in 1929 and lived her life as a "Human Computer".  She was a born genius who was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1982.  She was much faster than the computers of the 80s.  She had the unique ability to make complex mathematical calculations without the help of a calculator or a computer.  She could do all the complex calculations mentally and come up with answers in seconds.

She had a strong belief that "numbers have life" and thus spent her entire life with Numbers.

In 1970 she went to Germany and competed with a Computer and won a Mercedes Benz as a prize.  In 1976, she calculated the cube root of 2,373,927,704 as 1334 in 10 seconds.  It took her just 10 seconds to calculate the 8th root of a 14 digit number.  In 1977 she took a competition with the Computer to find the cube root of 188138517 and she won.  In the same year she took just 50 seconds to compute the 23rd root of a 201 digit number.  She gave the answer for the multiplication of two randomly picked 13 digit numbers, in just 28 seconds and thus got recognized by the whole world.  This was at the Imperial College, London on 18th June 1980.

At the Stanford University in 1988, she calculated the 95,443,993 as 457 in just 2 seconds.  On most of the occasions she came up with the answer in the same time that it took to ask her the question.  Such was her speed and mental ability, which was truly astounding and amazing.

The chip manufacturers had to work very hard to beat this great genius Shakuntala Devi and hence started making microprocessors with more and more transistors.  The computing skills of the Computer had to be enhanced several times to go ahead of Shakuntala Devi in the 1980s.  She had the ability to mentally ascertain the day if any date in the previous century was given to her.  That too within a fraction of a second.

Shakuntala Devi had a vision to make learning mathematics very easy for the children.  She wanted to promote extensive research on Vedic Mathematics but could not fulfill that wish.  During her life time, Shakuntala Devi has helped several thousand students to improve their mathematical ability.  She has taught the students Grouping and Rhyming Methods; Right - Left Brain Synergy; Alphabet Code; Number Sound Code; Power of Mnemonics and Mental Filing Methods.  What she taught her students in short was "Mathability".

In addition to teaching students "Mathability" she also practiced Astrology and has shaped the life of several people through her astrological predictions and guidance.

Shakuntala Devi left for the heavenly abode on 21st April 2013.  She must be working in the heaven to create the next generation computing device.  I salute this great mathematician and genius.  Long Live Shakuntala Devi's Fame and Name.

Google gave her a fitting tribute today:
Mumbai, India
4th November 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013


The competition is now reaching very interesting level and we have only last eleven contestants.  They are all very good singers and have given some incredible performances in the past.  There are some hot favourites and everybody has high expectations on some of the contestants.

My prediction of the last five who will be seen in the Finals are as follows:

1. Soniya:

 She is a very versatile singer and has given some incredible performances in the past.  How can one forget the "Azhaghu malar Aada" which she performed so well that too in the presence of the great legend S.Janaki:

2. Parvathy:
She is a very good singer.  She has a great voice and does not move an inch while singing.  This is a great quality exhibited by P.Suseela, S.Janaki and Vani Jayaram.  She did very well when she sang "Paadu Nilave" in the presence of S.Janaki.
3. Sharath Santhosh:
Though his mother tongue is Telugu he has been doing a fantastic job.  He is the most consistent performer.  The way he sang "Enakkoru Kadhali" was really good.  I missed watching the episode and my relative Mrs.Chitra Aravind wrote to me to check whether I liked the rendition and immediately I looked up to Youtube and watched this performance.

4. Diwakar:
Diwakar has a unique voice and is a great performer on stage.  His presence on the stage and engagement with audience is extremely professional.  I watched the "Siva Sambo" performance on 31st October 2013 and was stunned.  Watch this extraordinary performance by Diwakar and I think mainly due to the orchestra with Stephen and Thomas:

5. Sai Vignesh:

He will the youngest contender among the finalists.  He sings very well as he has classical music knowledge which is a huge plus point for him.  I watched his performance of "Marudamalai Maamaniye" the great song which will live for ever and so very well sung by the great legend Madurai Somu:

The chances are very high for Sonia to ultimately get the winner's crown as "Super Singer 4" but you never know how things could change in the finals.

This is a very good entertainment and at the same time a huge inspiration to all youngsters.  We have the evergreen Algates Alagesan who comes every now and then to enthrall the auidence with his typical style of rendering all the old songs of the great singer T.M.Soundararajan.  Apart from the youngsters who are performing well we also have 62 year old Alagesan who is a great inspiration for one and all.


Mumbai, India
2nd November 2013